A Commercial Roofing Solution That’s Extremely Low Impact on Budgets Occupants and The Environment

Before now, there has never been a method of maintaining or prolonging the life of an asphalt roof. Roof Maxx is a powerful solution that provides the fullest protection for aging roofs or just to allow additional time on roofs that are towards the end of their productive life.

Before applying the Roof Maxx solution to roof shingles, a trained and certified roofing specialist will assess your roof. A roofing specialist will conduct our Roof Tune-Up Maintenance package, this assists with reducing minor leaks around skylights, chimneys and plumbing vents.

The complete process is fast (50,000 square feet per day), clean and extremely affordable. Roof Maxx solutions costs approximately 20% of the price of a roof replacement and comes with a five-year guarantee. Find out for yourself why property management professionals throughout the country are having different thoughts about their roofs and leaving their roofing troubles in the past.


“I was amazed that the Roof Maxx product
restored 30 year old shingles.”

Presented with roofs that were failing and replacement costs of $1,140,000, Director of Construction Jonathan Casilli of Novel Property Venture had to think differently. He made the decision to apply Roof Maxx solution to 15 buildings with the worst roofs. A substantial windstorm struck the area and caused damage to the remaining buildings that were left untreated. The initial buildings that were treated with Roof Maxx solution received no damage to their roofs.


“I’m thrilled that I found this company and
brought them into our community.”

Sharon Wallace a commercial property specialist with 32 years’ experience, has worked across the country with some of the biggest property developers. Currently semi-retired, she is now the property manager for the condo complex where she’s lived for more than 15 years. Listen to her personal encounter with using Roof Maxx.